Training & Education Division


NTP World Forum Sdn Bhd


NTP World Forum is one of Malaysia’s best competency-based corporate training providers. Our reputation was earned through many years of listening and understanding our clients’ needs, and then working together with them to create a custom-made programme that addresses the strengths and weaknesses unique to each client.

With over 500 programmes under our belt, we regularly organise innovative seminars, workshops, in-house training courses and conferences. In these events, we present the latest best practices and solutions from the world’s leading companies – ensuring that our client’s employees would emerge with fresh ideas and motivation to better themselves in the workplace.

Among our clients include the Integration Program for National Service Department, Ministry of Defence, Graduates Training Initiative and Unemployed Training Initiative for Human Resources Development Centre (HRDC), Ministry of Human Resource. We also collaborate with Open University Malaysia (OUM) and Pittsburg University in the United States in human capital advancement.

Asian World Summit Sdn Bhd

Asian World Summit Logo

Kuala Lumpur-based Asian World Summit (AWS) is an international business intelligence consultancy that seeks efficient ways for organisations to create and share ideas, as well as sharpen key decision-making processes.

Driven by our “Asian Based, Global Reach” philosophy, our methods are inspired from the best of Eastern and Western business ideas and practices. This creative approach enables our clients to think up innovative ideas, while maintaining a strong sense of business acumen.

AWS is set up to conceive and operate summits, conferences and workshops that are capable of changing the mindset in which business objectives are accomplished. We go the extra mile to provide clients with platforms to nurture new ideas and explore best practices that would elevate businesses to the next level.