Corporate Social Responsibility


NTP World Foundation

The Establishment of NTP World Foundation

Group Managing Director of NTP World Group Mr Ng Thien Phing is a man whose philosophy in life is to give people an equal chance to succeed. This guiding principle has served him well in making NTP World Group the success it is today.

The Group’s achievements inspired him to form NTP World Foundation, a charity arm through which Mr Ng could give back to the Malaysian society, contribute to the country’s success, and help its youth work towards a brighter future.

The NTP World Foundation aims to address the needs of Malaysians who live in poverty, and are denied access to basic needs, education and work opportunities – regardless race or religion. The Foundation’s funds come from a variety of sources, including the income earned from NTP World Group’s subsidiaries, as well as public and private contributions.

The Foundation carries out two major activities to achieve its goals. The first is the General Charity Program, which assists the nation’s poor; the other is the Special Program, which provides opportunities to those who are qualified to obtain formal education.

  • The Aim of The Foundation

    • To encourage everyone to show love and respect to one another
    • To encourage everyone to help those who are in need
    • To promote One Nation One Country under 1 Malaysia concept

  • The Mission

    To encourage all Malaysians to love the country through participating in the charity activities and programmes organised by the Foundation.