About Us


Comprising three core business areas – Training & Education; ICT Rental & Solutions; and Property Development – NTP World Group is a prime example of how diverse businesses can combine on a single platform, and leverage on each other’s strengths.

Through this varied and coordinated approach, we have delivered to our clients improved services, efficiently managed resources, and maximised returns. The result of these principles and practices is a Group that is resilient, profitable, and able to thrive in any economic climate.

Our 3 Core Business Areas:

  • Training and Education

    NTP World Forum Sdn Bhd


    NTP World Forum is one of Malaysia's best competency-based corporate training providers. Our reputation was earned through many years of listening and understanding our clients' needs, and then working together with them to create a custom-made programme that addresses the strengths and weaknesses unique to each client.

    With over 500 programmes under our belt, we regularly organise innovative seminars, workshops, in-house training courses and conferences. In these events, we present the latest best practices and solutions from the world’s leading companies – ensuring that our client's employees would emerge with fresh ideas and motivation to better themselves in the workplace.

    Among our clients include the Integration Program for National Service Department, Ministry of Defence, Graduates Training Initiative and Unemployed Training Initiative for Human Resources Development Centre (HRDC), Ministry of Human Resource. We also collaborate with Open University Malaysia (OUM) and Pittsburg University in the United States in human capital advancement.

    Asian World Summit Sdn Bhd

    Asian World Summit Logo

    Kuala Lumpur-based Asian World Summit (AWS) is an international business intelligence consultancy that seeks efficient ways for organisations to create and share ideas, as well as sharpen key decision-making processes.

    Driven by our “Asian Based, Global Reach” philosophy, our methods are inspired from the best of Eastern and Western business ideas and practices. This creative approach enables our clients to think up innovative ideas, while maintaining a strong sense of business acumen.

    AWS is set up to conceive and operate summits, conferences and workshops that are capable of changing the mindset in which business objectives are accomplished. We go the extra mile to provide clients with platforms to nurture new ideas and explore best practices that would elevate businesses to the next level.

  • ICT Division

    ICT Zone Sdn Bhd

    ICT Logo

    The business world thrives on the flow of information – which is why a reliable and secure ICT infrastructure is vital for any business to success. This is where ICT Zone comes in, by delivering cutting-edge IT solutions that allow our clients to focus on growing their business, without any worries or hassle.

    We seek to provide clients with not only the latest IT solutions, but also those that are best suited for their business requirements. We achieve this by first having a pre-sales consultation to ensure our clients get the most cost-effective solution. And, depending on the solutions package selected, an after-sales support service team is available to resolve all our clients' needs, from full installation to comprehensive repair and maintenance services.

    With more than a decade's worth of experience in ICT equipment supply and rental, ICT Zone has grown to anticipate and meet customers' needs. Our one-stop ICT centre, in particular, has helped various government agencies and businesses to upgrade their technology platform, procure IT equipment, as well as receive consultation services and after-sales support.

    ICT Zone Ventures Berhad

    ICT Zone Ventures

    Formed to take full advantage the lucrative ICT leasing and rental business, ICT Zone Ventures became the first ICT Interest Scheme in 2011 to be approved by the Malaysian government and regulated by the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).

    The scheme achieved another milestone in 2012 by being the first interest scheme to achieve Shariah Compliant status, which is governed by Islamic Banking & Finance Institute of Malaysia (IBFIM). It is now known as Mudharabah Al- Mua’addat.

    The funds generated from the Scheme would be used to support ICT Zone Ventures's leasing and rental business, which comprises government agencies, public institutions and large private corporations. With a minimum investment of just RM5000, investors can enjoy returns of 8% yearly over the 9-year investment period, making this an ideal instrument for individuals and institutions, especially those looking for secure investments that guarantee a steady return and growth.

  • Property Development Division

    Skyworld Development Sdn Bhd

    Sky world Logo

    As the property development arm of the Group, Skyworld Development is tasked with developing aspirational and inspiring places for people to live, work, and play in.

    Our experienced and dedicated team of planners, architects and engineers work hand-in-hand to develop high-value properties that aim to improve the quality of life of its residents. With ambitious plans for future development, Skyworld Development continues to expand rapidly in the country, and push innovative ideas that reflect the 21st-century lifestyle.